Strategic Leadership During Disruption – Reviews

KaBoom or KaChing: Strategic Leadership During Disruption demonstrates how experience is the greatest teacher! It’s pragmatic and easy to read and among other things gives a wonderful case study of how disruption can be the most effective way to get the change you need. Woven throughout are great lessons provided in a Q and A, storytelling format. I appreciate how one of the foundational concepts is the role trust and empathy play in shaping workplace culture. This book is a quick read and one that should be on every leader’s shelf. – Cindi Phallen, President, Create Possibility,

I was totally engaged by the valuable insight given through a series of short stories. Each story is clearly focused on a different angle of uncertainty that arises during disruption in business. Now I will better see when there is an opportunity to turn crisis into a strategy for success. The experiences, so eloquently shared, enhance professional ethics and effective leadership. It’s for the leader of a business, non-profit, or membership association that cares about its people. – Dadisi R. Elliott, Membership Committee Chair, California Workforce Connection, International Workforce Professional Association,

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I found this an enjoyable read, with lots of tips and good advice in the form of storytelling and dialog between experts. – William A. Eddy, LCSW, Esq., Training Director, Author of “5 Types of People Who Can Ruin Your Life”

Victor Bloomberg and Steve O’Kane have written a very evocative and engaging book on strategic leadership and ways of approaching, and in some cases, preventing malfunction in an organization. Their book, KaBoom or KaChing: Strategic Leadership During Disruption examines and guides us through an inquiry into organizational challenges. Their approach is to encourage us to engage in dialogue with our colleagues and coworkers, to ask questions, and to take an open-minded, inquisitive approach when we confront the challenges faced by our organizations. They give us valuable food for thought, and elicit from us, their readers, the desire to be engaged in reflecting and taking action, rather than passively following an oversimplified recipe. The book is well worth reading, and perhaps ideally should be read with others in one’s organization, as a basis for discussion and cooperative action. – John Bilorusky, President, Western Institute for Social Research,

This is a succinct, practical guide that offers valuable insight for middle or upper management in social services. Many of us have worked under or been part of the leadership styles highlighted. It takes courage, creativity, and feedback to support the vision and mission of an agency. The book gives examples: a successful hospital services overhaul; successes in an inhospitable environment, and failures to the challenges of disruption. The reader is challenged to the interplay of trust from the CEO and the staff who deliver the agency’s mission. – Susan Wingfield-Ritter, LMFT, MAC, Clinical Director, McAlister Institute