“Victor Bloomberg’s presentation on Engaged Leadership was nothing short of inspiring. Victor completely captured the audience with his energy and conviction. He presented specific data in a manner that was both humorous and entertaining, while still getting the truth of his message across to the entire audience. He is the true expert on making a permanent shift in communication with engaged leaders. Victor Bloomberg of Excellence Inspired would be a huge asset to anyone looking for an amazing, one-of-a-kind speaker.”

Angelique Rewers, ABC, APR, CEO & Founder – The Corporate Agent 

I had the pleasure of working with Victor when he reported to me on a needs assessment consultation project of the outpatient social work program in San Diego (2016). In my capacity as a Director of Patient and Family Support Services, I was tasked with conducting a critical analysis of the work flow, process improvement, training and staffing needs of a very busy social work team providing care for nearly 4,000 patients. Victor assisted me in formulating strategic recommendations to present to the CAO of the organization. Victor was meticulous in his efforts to understand the mission of the organization and the specific questions the analysis needed to answer, and completely focused on addressing the complexity of our unique situation to find the solutions that would address the underlying issues, both in process and personnel. He was unfailingly professional in his manner — respectful and equally attentive to all members of our team, attuned to their different communication needs and always clear in the thoughtful and cogent messaging he delivered. Victor’s depth of experience translates into his ability to develop the right framework, collect and articulate data in ways that truly illuminate the issues, and formulate recommendations that yield the greatest good for patients, clinicians and the organization as a whole. His style is collaborative, flexible and deeply invested in building team. He is nothing but a pleasure to work with and learn from. I offer him my highest recommendation and have no doubt that you will find him to be an invaluable asset to your team.
Kauser Ahmed PhD, Director, Simms/Mann – UCLA Center for Integrative Oncology

I worked with Steve when he was CEO of the Council of Community Clinics. I knew that Steve would be the right person to engage with the Borrego Board of Directors and write the new three year Strategic Plan. He met with the Strategic Planning Committee of the Board on a regular basis. His goal was to have a Board approved Strategic Plan that was no longer than 10 pages. Steve also engaged the management team in the planning process to ensure that this was a plan that they could support and implement. The Board approved the Strategic Plan and we asked Steve to work with staff to develop Board education sessions on each one of the eight goals. I was so pleased to see how the Board took ownership in the planning process. I could not have succeeded without Steve’s leadership.”
Bruce Hebets, President and CEO, Borrego Community Health Foundation

Victor reveals a deep understanding of people. His funding proposals thoroughly integrated the budget with the project, and the community participation was consistently high. His ability to assess dynamics and craft interventions is advanced.His sincerity, creativity, decency and integrity permeate everything he does. He will provide extensive knowledge of best practices to a training program and highly skilled guidance when organizational change or community development is needed.
Jason Cochran, M.Sc., Deputy Director, US Peace Corps, Paraguay

From the start, what impressed me about Victor was his dedication, caring and commitment. Victor is one of those rare individuals who is conversant in information systems and skilled in working with people. It was precisely this blend of skills that made possible the new management information system that Victor created and implemented. His incisive comments have done much to clarify and develop our service delivery system. One of his first steps in his manager position was to read the contract and meet with me to discuss the mission of the program. He frequently consults with me about service delivery and keeps me informed. It is my pleasure to be associated with Victor.
Bryan A Nazareth, Project Manager, Community Action Partnership, HHSA, County of San Diego


Victor utilizes talent for keen assessment, strategic thinking, compassionate connection, and thorough attention to detail. His strong communication skills and training in health care information technology assisted 100 small private practice physicians secure more than $1.4 million in federal and state incentive payments. He observed their workflow and made thoughtful recommendations. He further assisted practices to understand the Affordable Care Act and its effect on patient utilization. His presentations to groups large and small were well received, and he always went the distance to build understanding.
Barbara Mandel, Executive Director, San Diego County Medical Society Foundation

Victor is the most thoughtful, articulate adult learner that I have had in all my years of teaching. In the classroom he continually made connections between concepts and systems that no one else had realized, adding greatly to the richness of the discussion. Perhaps it is his experience working in very diverse settings has enhanced his ability to see a bigger picture and synthesize new approaches to problems. And, as is his nature, he shared what he learned with whoever was interested. He genuinely cares about providing the best experience for all, not just himself.
Leslie K. Bruce, Director, Healthcare Leadership & Community Outreach, UC San Diego Extension

We reached out to Victor and he guided us through a comprehensive analysis of mission, people and technology. Victor has the ability to build relationships with front line and executive staff alike. He continues to guide implementation and integration. In his role as CEO of a local non-profit, he’s given us access to their data conversion system. Victor’s professionalism, communication and analytical skills, and personal warmth are high valued. Please do not hesitate to call our Program Director, Ray DiCiccio for additional information.
Rick Petersen, Executive Director, The Fellowship Center

The Social Work Department was in need of a major overhaul and Victor helped me rewrite the Policies & Procedures, develop standards of care and train subsequent hires. We then were challenged by two bankruptcies and Victor helped us maintain the highest quality social services through the turbulence.  Victor cares about each person that he encounters. He is able to communicate hope and the next step forward to even the most distressed and disorganized individual. He constantly learns from experience such that he expresses empathy in the appropriate manner, maintaining his professional role. He brings a well-rounded and comprehensive career perspective to his work at hand.
Dominique Fragoso, LCSW, Consultant, formerly Director of Social Services, Bayview Hospital

Victor’s program served over 500 families per year through Emergency Assistance, Intensive Case Management and Community Development. He supervised 12 individuals and two subcontracted organizations. The relational database that he developed tracked program documentation, case billing information, outcomes and client progress. The program enhancements and accomplishments flow from his dedication and commitment to serving those who are in need. In all of his efforts, he seeks to apply the highest quality of care and continuous quality improvement in his own leadership as well as the programs he oversees.
Riley McRae, Ph.D., M.Div., Program Director

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