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Team  Performance

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Team relationships serve the company’s mission and bottom line.

Highly engaged employees show a 26% greater likelihood to remain with their employer as compared to their less invested colleagues (Deloitte Human Capital Trends Report, 2015). On the other hand, direct costs for top talent loss ranges from 90% to 200% of the departing employee’s salary (Society for Human Resource Management, 2008)

Relationship breakdowns within the team result in poor performance, low morale, and disengagement, which decreases the quality of your output and impacts your revenues.

On the surface, there might be polite communication among team members, but leaders often mistake informal company etiquette for transparent communication and real buy in.

“Senior executives are often shocked to see how poorly their company’s strategy is understood throughout the organization [even though] they invested huge amounts of time communicating”. (Harvard Business Review, “Why Strategy Execution Unravels – and What to Do About It”, March 2016)

The Cost of Team Misalignment

Too often, leaders fail to recognize that neither compliance nor communication equal understanding, capability, and commitment. If the executive leaders are not attuned to the team’s misalignment, they will not detect issues until they surface as major problems.

The competitive edge is lost when a team is working at cross-purposes. Signs include:

  • Apathy or fear that dampens loyalty to reliable quality and silences concerns about the warning signs of problems
  • Crisis after the loss of key personnel, a steady decline or hemorrhage of customers, or a public relations nightmare
  • Poor communication and lack of clarity, which leads to wasted, misdirected efforts, resulting in higher operational costs and lower financial returns
  • Employee disengagement, unproductive conflict and departure chews up the time of executives, derailing them from leadership priorities
  • Leadership is frustrated that neither polite nor aggressive communication creates real commitment

When a team of out of sync, it shows up in unproductive conflict, compromised work quality, attrition, and lost customers.

The risks include damaged brand reputation, diminished net income, and missed opportunity. The competitive edge is lost when employees are not a highly cohesive team.

The whole enterprise suffers when people do not buy into the company’s vision, strategy and purpose on a personal level.

Our Solutions

We focus on the team’s ability to protect and grow revenues as well as the reliable quality of output.

We help you create a solution that inspires esprit de corps with active communication, contribution, and continual improvement. This saves money, increases revenues, and expands your influence because your employees are happier, enthusiastic and invested.


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