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We have, through more than a decade of refinement, developed a cost effective application of Nobel Laureate Schelling’s insights about team dynamics.

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“Alignment Optimization”, Michael Taylor,, 2014

Our framework for optimizing teams, customer relations, and business processes begins with evaluation of your current state of affairs. Evaluation is essential to guiding change, otherwise results are random or chaotic. Virtually all change management consultants facilitate discussions and review documentation. Many survey the teams and assess each team member’s personality style. Consultants are commonly called upon to start or support a “Lean” process, pioneered for manufacturing, and now widely applied to many kinds of business.

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5 Lean Principles, 2014

Unlike the competition, we integrate a reiterative cycle of anonymous data (statistical and narrative) with standard lean process. Our methods are applicable to small business and enterprise-level organizations alike. Anonymous input followed by team discussion of our reports brings to the group the most consequential perspectives for consideration by the team. It energizes dynamic conversation between change enthusiasts and advocates of caution. At times an individual that was out-of-sync decides to buy-in and fully engages with the team’s strategy. Wonderfully, leadership can see clearly an outlier point-of-view, previously hidden, that offers great value – and executive appreciation gives the green light for another iteration of the cycle. This continues until there is 100% buy-in on the team and new strategic clarity.

Our solutions first leverage the value of tried and true methods that you have already deployed. Then we take it to the next level by mining subjective wisdom that was previously missed.

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