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Business Processes

Size matters. Business growth creates new vulnerability:

  • How do we keep the small business standard of attentiveness to every detail as our company grows?
  • How do we stay responsive to our customers when the volume of requests skyrockets?

A survey of 8,000 managers in more than 250 companies showed that only 9% say that they can rely on colleagues in other functions and units all the time, and just 50% say that they can rely on them most of the time. When asked to identify the single greatest challenge to executing their company’s strategy, 30% cite failure to coordinate across units, making that a close second to failure to align (40%).
– Harvard Business Review, March 2016

Key indicators of major problems with a company’s business processes include:

  • Inefficiency, showing up as missed deadlines and cost overruns
  • Inconsistent teamwork, creating unreliable quality of output
  • Failure to meet the expectations of customers, resulting in customer attrition
  • Customer/stakeholder complaints and lost business, damaging reputation

When customers fall away, it is a delayed effect of business processes that don’t adapt and teamwork that is inconsistent.

Ongoing refinement, even development of innovation of business processes, is essential for maintaining a competitive advantage as your company grows. We help businesses, large and small, stay focused on solutions and improvement, even innovation.

Business Optimization

We analyze the dynamics between the activities of your teams and their interactions with customers. Our methods uncover which communication issues and relationship challenges are connected to operational inefficiencies.

At any time in the company, there will be a mix of people who get on board and excited by change (Change-Allies) and others who want to preserve the status quo.

Where people fall on the continuum varies by situation.

Our approach encourages mutual respect for different and vital perspectives. Our goal is to make the most of the ideas from Change-Allies while fully considering the perspective of employees who want to protect the status quo. We have special skills in moving teams forward with maximum participation and cooperation.

This diversity of perspective is essential for the competitive edge, and we bring this advantage to you. Think of it as “Renewable Synergy” –  management of change along the spectrum from fine-tuned adaptation through incubated innovation. For a humorous contrast, visit: “Mission Statement”, Weird Al Yankovich, 2014


Aligned processes:

  • Evaluating current business routines and determining what’s currently working and what needs improvement
  • Fine-tuning with continual quality improvement that identifies inefficient, misdirected efforts and paves the way to cost reduction
  • Engaging your Change-Allies, routinely, for out-of-the-box ideas, which open up possible changes big and small
  • Inviting those who protect the status quo to challenge plans for change; this ensures that any plans for change are well thought out

The ultimate benefit of optimization is a growing community of loyal customers and dedicated teams and shared enthusiasm for doing business together. It is a positive feedback loop where happy customers generate fulfillment for the team from a job well done.


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