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Fledgling Non-Profit Hits Stride
“I am proud to say that I was one of the founding members of the committee to create The Recovery Ride fundraising event in 2016″, Charlie begins with the core values and commitment. This event was inspired by AIDS Life Cycle that takes place each year with a multi-day bike ride from San Francisco to Los Angeles covering 545 miles. A team from San Diego that participated in that event had a vision to create a similar, but smaller event in San Diego that would bring much needed money to local organizations that focus on HIV.

Consultant Leadership: 3 Months to Envision, Plan and Execute
We started our planning sessions by creating a mission statement and identifying specific goals that we wanted to achieve for the first event that we hoped would become annual. Our goal: raise money for our beneficiary, Stepping Stone of San Diego, for their much needed, life-saving efforts that provide inpatient treatment for those with alcohol/drug addiction while increasing the awareness of the link between HIV and substance abuse. Throughout our planning, we often referred to that mission statement and goals to help guide our decisions and ensure we would accomplish what we set out to do.

Our first event in January 2016 brought together 125 cyclists, 8 corporate sponsors and 50+ volunteers to a beautiful south bay venue to experience a bike ride like no other in San Diego. The ride featured 3 routes of 12, 25 and 40 mile lengths as well as a festival grounds that was the start and finish location. That first year, we created an event that reached the hearts and minds of all those that participated. We surpassed our initial fundraising goal of $10,000 and raised over $15,000; and established a formula of success for this annual event.

Planned Growth Achieved
Our event follow through expanded the planning committee from 4 to 8. We set off to create an event that was bigger, better and more successful than our first year. In our second year, we:

  • Increased our participating riders by 25% to over 160.
  • Welcomed 17 sponsors.
  • Recruited nearly 100 volunteers.
  • Created riding teams that drove fundraising.

On a sunny morning in January 2017, we held the event and raised $45,000, tripling our first year fundraising total.

Our methods were validated: The Recovery Ride is set increase riders, expand sponsorship and increase revenue annually. The enthusiasm and overwhelming support for this annual event has become well established and all those who participated in 2017 are now enthusiasts with the knowledge, skill and passion needed to build growth.


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