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Our strategies are designed to bring you results efficiently by:

  • Identifying your greatest talent that can leveraged more fully; and
  • Uncovering the most important priorities for strategic development.

When we work together, we start by enhancing and fine-tuning the methods that currently serve you, and then we focus on the areas to develop for maximum impact. The result is optimization:

  • Customer complaints or loss are transformed into praise. The results are customer enthusiasts, more repeat and new business, and an increase in revenues.
  • Team loss of a great talent that you planned to promote, or the “Superstar” that you promoted who failed, is transformed into a successful promotion and mentoring. We enhance team buy in, cohesion, and creative input.
  • Business processes that create wasted or misdirected efforts are transformed into focused and efficient communication and action. The result is lower costs, smoother productivity, and greater fulfillment at work.

Our team has created significant results for our clients, including:

  • 3 World Bank/ USAID business development awards and a bi-national housing development award to a Non-Governmental Organization with a limited track record, and the businesses continue to thrive
  • Increased financial reserves of a consortium by 150% over 6 years through strategic planning and business development implementation.
  • $1,487,500 revenue generated by 100 clients in two years through redesign of workflows and compliance with new regulations for Electronic Health Records
  • Transformed an organization’s culture to become an Employer of Choice, reducing turnover to zero and was recognized twice as a finalist in the “Best Place to Work” survey by the San Diego Business Journal.
  • 65% increase in Medi-Cal revenues in first 4 months of redesign; and 80% improvement in service deliverables for a Family Self-Sufficiency team; Program was led out of termination risk to gold standard achievement and ongoing contract renewal by the County
  • Developed relationships among CEOs of the California Blue Shield Foundation, California Healthcare Foundation, California Wellness Foundation, The California Endowment and Kaiser Permanente Southern California.
  • 100% increase in new contracts: Team excellence turned around psychiatric hospital in federal receivership and bankruptcy converted to competitive awards from State of California and County of San Diego

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