Victor Bloomberg


Victor Bloomberg, for 35 years, has guided organizations through a comprehensive analysis of mission, people and technology. He quickly connects with front line staff and management alike. He brings extensive knowledge of best practices and highly skilled guidance whenever strategic change is needed. All of his clients value his professionalism, communication and personal warmth. Sincerity, decency and integrity permeate everything he does:

  • Strategic guidance given to a Non-Governmental Organization with a limited track record, the results were 3 World Bank/ USAID business development awards and a bi-national housing development award, and the businesses continue to thrive (ten years later). The return visit to assess progress: May 2019.
  • $3,465,500 generated for 181 clients in six years through redesigned workflows and compliance with new regulations for Electronic Health Records. Failure would have posed  a critical threat to the business, instead they are more efficient and handle more patients (increasing recurring revenue).
  • $2.4M program revenue over 10 years preserved by successful turn around of a multi-lingual (7 languages) department that was in critical failure mode. This social service agency is contracted by the County and would likely have been closed by a failure, because the department was the company flagship. The flagship department saw a 65% increase in Medi-Cal revenues in first 4 months of redesign; and 80% improvement in contracted services.
  • 100% increase in new contracts: Team excellence turned around psychiatric hospital in federal receivership and bankruptcy converted to competitive awards from State of California and County of San Diego.

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