Excellence & Innovation

Producing Sustainable Results

We are a business consultancy.

Our clients are healthcare and human services organizations.

We engage when disruption creates risk.

Risks include a merger or acquisition, executive turnover, regulatory pressures, and market transformations.

Elevate employee engagement.

We determine Key Performance Indicators to sharpen operations, and we develop the accountability for execution of change management plans.

Raise executive and management thinking.

Achieve the ideal strategy, planning, and execution, every time.

Our Typical Engagements:

We assess the reasons things aren’t working. We bring precision to your plan for changes, small and strategic. We design accountability for sustainability.

You want us on your team.

We bring extensive, successful experience to elevate your organization’s performance. We really understand your managers and executive leaders, because we’ve been in their shoes. We produce sustainable results.

We invite you to contact us.

Share your vision of success. Explore how we can work together to achieve it.